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why take private yoga ?

Click here to read my article explaining the benefits of private yoga 

Each yoga posture was carefully designed to promote certain benefits to both the body and mind. The teacher you chose must have this knowledge of the affects of each movement on our bodies. Sadly, a lot do not. Sadly, in most group classes, we don't even know what benefit we are getting, or if that's what we need. Also, very few teachers incorporate any sort of mental transformation or mental health - which I incorporate and studied intensely.

example Benefits (just a few)....


*Weightloss  *Bone health

*flexibility     *clear skin

*strength      *improves immunity

*posture      *many more

*Less worry            *confidence   *joy *creativity

*lowers anxiety      *a feeling of security

*teaches our           *contentment

brain to be in the   *focus



In order to see change, there needs to be a goal, a plan, and consistency. This is key in achieving any yoga goal! Yoga can be an extremely powerful tool, and in this case, you get what you pay for.

Before your first class gets books, you'll fill out an assessment providing me with information needed to make your plan. Information is voluntary. You can be as specific or vague as you'd like. The more info you provide- the more goals we can reach.

In case you still need more convincing-

below are 5 more reasons why you should practice private

1.You will be in the privacy of your own home, free of worry about critisim.

Let's face it- a lot of people skip the gym because of this. Even though a lot of the time, it is just in our heads, shoot- why even have to worry about it at all!


2. There is a reason that you became interested in yoga, and you actually will get to explore that.

What I mean here is that everyone has a different reason- some people want to practice handstands, and challenging postures. Some people are football players who could care less and just need to work on their flexibility. Some maybe need to work on some mental aspects rather than physical. Sadly, you may attend 100s of group classes, and never find what you were after. 

3. You can pick what body parts you want to focus on, and what you want them to look like..


Trust me.. I know there are tons of options to get yoga for cheap elsewhere. You can go to a group class, and sweat, burn some calories, listen to someone blab poses. Say you guys worked on legs that day. Well... maybe you don't want to spend so much time on getting muscular legs, and you really wanted some booty work! 

4. You will have someone to monitor your progress, and continue to adapt the program to fit your needs.

One of your goals is to have a straight posture. We start in a pose that opens your chest/ stretches your shoulders- depending on how comfortable you feel- we either continue to challenge you, and I would change the posture, or you can stay where you are. 

5. A customized class just for you and your wants. Not a class filled with 100 different wants, and maybe 1 of yours.

enough said......but in case you need further explanation- that booty lift you wanted- you may never get in that class... but with me, you have a very high chance. :)




virtual yoga sessions

Virtual yoga sessions are held on a live face to face video platform where we can both see each other! Virtual sessions are a much more affordable option as compared in person. 

Fully customized- prior to your first session, I ask each client to fill out an intake form. This gives me a little bit of background knowledge about your health history, your goals, and your concerns. I use this to personalize a protocol for you that we use when we have our session.

Single class options: 

35 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes. 

Combo options:

(set of 4) 35 minute classes, (set of 4) 60 minute classes

what you need:

all you need is a private area where you will practice, your yoga mat, and a smart phone/laptop. A link will be sent prior to your class.

in person classes (PITTSBURGH ONLY)

Available in only single class purchases of either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. I travel to desired location. Must be in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas. Please check to make sure before you book your class!

Each class will be made to order and focused on your goals. Please make sure to fill out an intake form as well!

meditation sessions

Perfect for pairing with a yoga class or just to get some added relaxation in. Guided mediations are available for both 10 and 15 minutes. These are done via video platform as well. 



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