7 reasons why private yoga dramatically increases your results

Long before our time, the originals of yoga practice had it right. One teacher to one student. There was the "student" and the "guru" as some may call it. In today's world, times have changed, so it seems to make sense to discard that idea and use some free videos online, join a studio, or free group class. However, still today's students who have hired private instructors still swear by a private class- here are the reasons

#7- made to order service

Reason number 7: you get to custom make your own services on so many levels.

If you're a beginner- you will get that extra support, and if you have already practiced, you can take your practice to the next level. This is the main reason why, after practicing for several years, you will no longer find me at a group class! Every so often is nice, but why should I spend 60 minutes a day in warrior 2, when I want to practice something else?

We can also focus on different goals too, physical, mental, and spiritual.

Reason number 6: Boost confidence/ Remove unwanted annoyances

One of the biggest reasons people stay away from wellness is because they don't want to deal with the huge groups of people. Especially beginners, this can be intimidating walking into a room full of people who seem to be in the best shape ever. Worries start peeking up saying things like "better not get tired, everyone else is keeping up", "you are the only one who can't touch your toes!" or "that girl down there can lift her leg higher!". Most of us seek yoga to free ourselves from these burdens, not go looking for more. Plus to be totally honest, some studios can be catty.

Reason number 5: focus

A teacher that you watch on an online yoga video isn't going to come out of the screen and help you from getting injured anymore than the teacher teaching a large group class.

If you have private health concerns, your private teacher can help you, and make sure you aren't doing anything that could potentially harm your joints, etc. This is especially helpful for everyone- beginners, and those looking to deepen their practice.

Reason number 4: Convenience

Instead of revolving your life around a group schedule- many private yoga instructors will be accommodating. Some travel to your home to eliminate driving time, and some you can even see over a video platform like skype! For example: my website allows my clients to do everything at their convenience. You can pick how long you want to practice, what day and what time.

Reason number 3: Accountability

This one is HUGE! How fit would you be right now if you had actually gone to the gym every time you planned to? Everyone that has ever had a private instructor/ personal trainer knows that you will be very much more likely to commit to practicing on a regular basis. This is fundamental into getting any kind of results!!

Reason 2: relationships

A bond you form with your instructor can be an important factor to determining whether or not you ever see the results you want. A good one will be encouraging, motivating, and compassionate. They will give you the knowledge you need to take what you learn and bring it to the real world.

Reason 1: Results

After reading the list, I'm sure you can see how beneficial having a private teacher is now. Some teachers require a little more $$, and you may have to put in more work than your typical group/video class. Most people say that the price is worth it for the investment, even those who were skeptical at first.

So there's the list! If after reading, you can't stop thinking about having a private instructor- book me! You can fully customize what you want to focus on by filling out an intake located at www.autumnzen.com/assessment … after that book a 35, 45, or 60 minute online private class. All you need is a smart phone/ computer for me to send the link to you. Use code: hotfortheholidays101 for 25% off!