Self Proclaimed Happiness Experts- Really Happy Or Full Of BS? Read the Truth Now.

So, I have a question for you. Have you ever been to a yoga class, a motivational speaker, and really listened to all of the words they say during class? Me too. I've actually been doing that kind of stuff for years now... Now some of them made me feel better, I won't lie. I'm trying to think back to various phrases I've heard over the years. "The mind, body, and soul are one." I immediately thought "umm okay, but what does that mean? How do you know? A Yoga God came down to give you directions?".

Another one of my favorites- "Practicing this posture, will take all of the hate out of your body." Wondering how that was even scientifically possible, just dismissed it. I got the feeling that these people didn't believe in what they were saying, and were recycling "yoga-like" phrases.

Fast forward to my own yoga teacher training

Yes, I stuck with yoga because I liked the exercise. I still wanted to be a teacher even though, my heart was not fully in it. Here's why- You know how these last few years have been all about "positive thinking this, positive thinking that, you attract what you give, so if anything negative happens to you, essentially, it is your fault. After all, you attracted that hacker to steal thousands from your bank account, right? Some instructors lead my mind astray into thinking that this positivity philosophy was the core of yoga. Me, being who I was at the time, convinced myself that this was a good way of living. So, I had no problem with becoming a teacher, then sharing this way of living with the world. At that time, I thought it was right.


Before training, I kind of "just went with the flow". After all, I thought yogis were just relaxed 24/7 right?! Wrong. My yoga mentor, was quite terrifying (could not have had anyone better). She told us "Yoga had nothing to do with being positive patsy. It was about be authentic. ( I could get into a whole book just about this part, so I'm gonna try to pick up the pace, get to the meat and potatoes.)

During training, I found out there is actually a reason why all the teachers chant the same damn things!! The reason- THE YOGA SUTRAS! This book, written over 2,000 years ago contained almost like a guidebook to a satisfying, fulfilling life. It has been called "The Yoga Bible". I tend to disagree with that interpretation, because my view of the sutras is totally opposite. Where the bible is reinforcing everyone to get along for a peaceful society, the rules of the Sutras are only actions that build a

better, happier, fulfilled you. Yes if everyone practiced the Sutras, society would be a well oiled machine, but with the Sutras, it doesn't matter who else is following the rules. It still works even if you are the only one doing it!

I eventually found answers to all of my questions.. like "the body and mind being one". I learned a lot of anatomy during training, and during my own research, I turned to science. I got a definitive answer. Which will have to be talked about next time, because this one turned into quite the novel! So Look for the next post titled something like "The mind and body connection." :)

In conclusion, those words of wisdom you hear yogis/ self helpers preach, is real. Most of it coming from their interpretation of the yoga sutras and other writings I'll talk about later ! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this article. You can reach me at if you're ever up for a chat! You'll hear from me soon! xoxxo Autumn